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How Do I Qualify for Head Start? - ERSEA (Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, Attendance)


Education and Child Development Services

"Families in Motion Guidebook" School Year 2019-2020 - Parents are the most important influence on a child’s development. Because of this, Head Start is based on a partnership between parents/guardians and Head Start Program Staff. Participation in parent-child projects and/or activities support class lesson plans and activities. Parent involvement is also highly encouraged in the operations of Head Start through participation in Center Level Parent Groups and/or the Guam Head Start Policy Council. Your involvement is essential to the success of the Program and most especially, to your child’s development. This Parent Handbook provides information on services and supports available through Head Start.


Family and Community Engagement Program Services


Health Program Services

"A Healthy Child Needs a Healthy Education" Brochure - Head Start emphasizes the importance of prevention and early identification of health problems. This brochure describes how you can manage these common health problems and know when to send your child to school or keep your child at home. Please note that this is not a supplement to your primary doctor!  Always consult your family doctor to discuss the health of your child.


Program Governance and Shared Decision-Making

CLPG & GHSPC Officers Handbook - Parent participation is very important in a child’s Head Start experience. They help plan lesson plans and activities in Center Level Parent Group (CLPG) meetings.  The Guam Head Start Policy Council (GHSPC) consists of elected CLPG Parent Representatives and has the responsibility of approving or disapproving many decisions of the Guam Head Start Program.


Getting Involved in Head Start - Volunteer Clearances


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