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Kids in a classroom, mixing something in a container.
Kids playing in a playground.
Kids eating lunch together in a cafeteria.
Kids posing for a group photo with Smokey the Bear in the center.
Kids standing in line as they get ready to exit the classroom.

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Since 1965, Our Vision has been...

All children and families receive quality comprehensive services respectful of diversity, which empowers them to achieve their life goals and become stronger advocates for their families, children, and self.


Children and
for Success


Increased Social
Competency and
Self Sufficiency


Support and
Services to
"Children with special needs are provided with a wholesome learning environment at the Guam Head Start Program. My daughter enjoys learning because her teachers and the way of teaching at Head Start is so caring."
-Jason R., parent of a 5 year old
"Guam HeadStart has been able to bring children together while allow my son to accept and appreciate his cultural background. Guam is a melting pot. Head Start has been able to let my son feel welcomed because the teaching and learning environment is pleasant and collective."
-Tasha S., parent of a 4 year old
"I truly appreciate the Creative Curriculum at Head Start. My daughter learned through play. Plus, literacy is emphasized with lots of fun reading material. I am not an expert, but as a parent, I can see the Head Start has the building blocks to help my little girl succeed in the coming years."
-April I., parent of a 3 year old