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Ready to Register

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your age-eligible child in Head Start.

The Guam Head Start Program provides comprehensive services to eligible preschool children and their families with a funded enrollment of 534 children.

The Guam Department of Education (GDOE) is the grantee for the Guam Head Start Program.  Thus, Head Start has 27 centers which are located in nearly all of the public elementary schools on island.

Children will be placed according to school districts with an available Head Start center as determined by Head Start.  Special requests for out-of-district placement will be considered based on any of the following: Special Education placement, needs of foster parents, after school care for parents who are working or going to school. 

How can I register my child for Head Start?

Visit to learn more about age and eligibility requirements for Head Start.

1.  Interested families should complete the Head Start Pre-screening Application Packet 2.  Make copies of your supporting documents.  
  • If you need assistance with making copies, call the Head Start Central Office at 475-0484 to schedule an appointment.
3.  Submit your completed packet and supporting documents
  • To Head Start staff at outreach sites during the open registration period
  • By appointment at the Head Start Central Office in Tiyan.
4.  Head Start staff will review your documents and contact you to determine your child's eligibility and complete the registration process.  Please update any changes in your home, mailing or contact information to ensure that we are able to contact you.

Head Start continues to register throughout the school year to fill vacancies as they arise.  Outside of the mass registration period, registration is conducted throughout the school year by appointment only.  Registered children are placed on their center’s waiting list until space becomes available.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Head Start, complete the Eligibility Inquiry Form and staff will contact you to set up an appointment to determine your child's eligibility.  You may also Contact the Head Start Central Office at 475-0484 to follow up on your Eligibility Inquiry for the program.

Documents Required to Determine Eligibility:

(Note: Other documents may be required depending on your household situation.)

  • Identification for Parents and/or Guardians in Household (valid driver’s license, Guam ID, Passport)
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Immunization Card (shot record)
  • Child’s Social Security Number (Social Security card or receipt of application for a number)
  • Income documents for all household parents and guardians for the last 12 months:
    • Earned Income: Last year's W2 or Income Tax forms; check stubs from the last 12 months
    • Unearned Income: TANF Certification from Public Health, Child Support, Financial Aid, Social Security benefits, GHURA Utility Reimbursements, Payments from Unemployment Compensation
    • If no source of income, Statement of Support
  • Unemployed Status:
    • Letter of termination/resignation and the date and reason for leaving employment; Certification layoff or reduction of hours
    • If unemployed for a total of 6 months or more, Unemployment Verification
  • If applicable, Legal documents relating to guardianship, child custody or name changes such as Restraining Order; Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree when parent’s name is different from child’s birth certificate or Identification Cards
  • If child has a certified disability, copy of current IEP documents from GDOE Special Education
Health Requirements:
  • If your child qualifies, you will be provided with a Head Start Health Packet to complete BEFORE your child can attend school.  
  • In order to attend Head Start, your child needs to complete the following minimum health requirements:
    • Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test - The results of a TB skin test must have been done WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR of enrollment in the classroom. If you recently moved to Guam, the TB skin test must have been done within six (6) months.  Note that the TB test must be done BEFORE your child is given any additional live vaccines (MMR and Varicella).
    • Minimum Immunizations to attend school include at least One (1) dose of DPT, Polio, MMR, and Varicella; Four (4) doses of Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) OR one (1) dose after 15 months of age; and Hepatitis B vaccine
    • Physical Examination or an Appointment Card for a Physical Examination - The Physical Examination must have been done WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR of enrollment, meet EPSDT recommendations, and include a vision and hearing screening.
  • In order to remain in Head Start, your child will need to complete additional health requirements which are specified in the Head Start Health Packet.

What Happens Next?

Selection Criteria is used to prioritize the selection of participants, based on community needs identified in the community needs assessment and includes family income, whether the child is homeless, whether the child is in foster care, the child’s age, whether the child is eligible for special education and related services, or early intervention services, as appropriate, and other relevant family or child risk factors.  

Using the selection criteria, Head Start identifies the children to be enrolled in each center at the beginning of the school year as well as those to be placed on the wait lists.  Head Start will notify you by mail whether your child is on a Waiting List or selected for Enrollment.  Please update any changes in your home, mailing or contact information to ensure that we are able to contact you.  

If your child is SELECTED to attend school, we will contact you to ensure your child that health requirements are met. 

Children who are selected for enrollment will be transferred to the WAITING LIST, if any of the following applies:

  • We are unable to contact you; 
  • Your child does not attend school within a week of enrollment; OR
  • If minimum health requirements are not completed within the first week of school

Children who are placed on the wait list or who register after the initial selection date will be ranked using the Selection Criteria to determine who will be next for enrollment. Registered children are placed on their center’s waiting list until space becomes available.  The wait list continually changes as new children are registered.  

Head Start does NOT require school supplies or the use of school uniforms.