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"Children with special needs are provided with a wholesome learning environment at the Guam Head Start Program. My daughter enjoys learning because her teachers and the way of teaching at Head Start is so caring."
-Jason R., parent of a 5 year old
"Guam HeadStart has been able to bring children together while allow my son to accept and appreciate his cultural background. Guam is a melting pot. Head Start has been able to let my son feel welcomed because the teaching and learning environment is pleasant and collective."
-Tasha S., parent of a 4 year old
"I truly appreciate the Creative Curriculum at Head Start. My daughter learned through play. Plus, literacy is emphasized with lots of fun reading material. I am not an expert, but as a parent, I can see the Head Start has the building blocks to help my little girl succeed in the coming years."
-April I., parent of a 3 year old